Advanced Influencing & Persuading for Managers

LT04 - 5 days, Abuja; Lagos; Port Harcourt; Dubai or UK



Building on the topics covered in ‘Influencing and Persuading for Managers’, this 5-days advanced course explores and develops best practice for a successful influencing and persuading strategy.

Is it right for me?

Designed for experienced managers who want to take influencing and persuading skills to the next level and examine their personal styles and approach.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand your own predominant influencing style and know when to adapt it
  • Appreciate the principles underpinning successful influencing strategies
  • Use an influencing structure flexibly to guide meetings with stakeholders and external clients
  • Understand how to use influencing and persuading strategies at all levels
  • Appreciate the value of personal power and positional power
  • Use a variety of influencing, persuading & negotiating strategies skills and tactics
  • Successfully influence others across internal and external functional boundaries

What will it cover?

  • Understanding the difference between influencing, persuading and negotiating
  • The need to fully appreciate the position of the other party
  • Recognising the factors that will encourage others to come around to your view
  • State your position using a four-part structure
  • Following a practical structure to achieve effective influencing and persuading skills
  • Recognising and responding positively to signals
  • Understanding how to use personal power or positional power to your advantage
  • How to create an influencing and persuading strategy that works over time
  • Being aware of your own predominant influencing style and its limitations
  • Assessing other people’s style and behaviour
  • The different styles and approaches available to you
  • Understanding how and when you may need to adapt your own style and approach
  • Dealing with the decision ‘nucleus’ and the importance of relationship mapping
  • The challenges of attempting to influence and persuade people more senior to you
  • Understanding the special issues involved in influencing & persuading across functional boundaries
  • Choosing the right style and approach when dealing with cross-functional boundaries
  • Action planning – the essential next steps