Customer Service Level 2

Customer Service Level 2
Level 2 Support Pack & Units
Group A
CU791Communicate using customer service language
CU792 Follow the rules to deliver customer service
Group B
CU793 Maintain a positive and customer-friendly attitude
CU794 Adapt your behaviour to give a good customer service impression
CU795 Communicate effectively with customers
CU796 Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation
CU797 Promote additional services or products to customers
CU798 Process information about customers
CU799 Live up to the customer service promise
CU800 Make customer service personal
CU801 Go the extra mile in customer service
CU802 Deal with customers face to face
CU803 Deal with incoming telephone calls from customers
CU804 Make telephone calls to customers
CU818 Deal with customers in writing or electronically
CU755 Use customer service as a competitive tool
CU819 Organise the promotion of additional services or products to customers
CU820 Build a customer service knowledge set
Group C
CU805 Do your job in a customer friendly way
CU806 Deliver reliable customer service
CU807 Deliver customer service on your customer‟s premises
CU808 Recognise diversity when delivering customer service
CU809 Deal with customers across a language divide
CU810 Use questioning techniques when delivering customer service
CU811 Deal with customers using bespoke software
CU812 Maintain customer service through effective hand over
CU821 Deliver customer service using service partnerships
CU822 Organise the delivery of reliable customer service
CU823 Improve the customer relationship
Group D
CU813 Recognise and deal with customer queries, requests and problems
CU814 Take details of customer service problems
CU815 Resolve customer service problems
CU816 Deliver customer service to difficult customers
CU756 Monitor and solve customer service problems
CU817 Apply risk assessment to customer service
CU824 Process customer service complaints
Group E
CU825 Develop customer relationships
CU826 Support customer service improvements
CU827 Develop personal performance through delivering customer service
CU828 Support customers using on-line customer services
CU829 Buddy a colleague to develop their customer service skills
CU830 Develop your own customer service skills through self-study
CU831 Support customers using self-service technology
CU832 Work with others to improve customer service
CU833 Promote continuous improvement
CU834 Develop your own and others‟ customer service skills
CU835 Lead a team to improve customer service
CU836 Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback
CU837 Monitor the quality of customer service transactions