Emotional Intelligence – Excelling in Leadership

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LT03Emotional Intelligence - Excelling in Leadership

Emotional Intelligence – Excelling in Leadership
Course Reference: LT03
Course duration: 5 days
Venue: Abuja; Lagos; Port Harcourt; Dubai or UK
Emotional Intelligence (EI) makes the difference between average and star performers in
leadership positions. Exceptional leaders appear to be those who have greater levels of selfawareness
and who are not only able to manage themselves but also able to understand and
work effectively with others.
This interactive two-day programme is perfect for the leader who wants to develop their own
Emotional Intelligence and lead their teams to enhanced performance.
Is it right for me?
This course focuses specifically on the application of EI to the leader.

What will I learn?
By attending this programme participants will:
• Understand the EI model and its core competencies.
• Discover the benefits of EI to the leader, the team and the organisation.
• Identify strategies and opportunities to apply EI in their leadership role.
• Learn how to build relationships with others which enable them to lead more
What will it cover?
What is Emotional Intelligence?
• Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
• Outlining the core EI competencies
• The benefits of becoming a more Emotionally Intelligent leader
• Assessing your own EI

A framework to develop EI leadership competencies
The Self-aware Leader
• The importance of self-awareness for a leader’s development
• Understanding your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses
• Understanding your emotional responses and their impact on others
• Seeking on-going feedback to become a more self-aware leader
The Self-managed Leader
• The benefits of managing and controlling your emotions
• Staying focused and calm under pressure
• Self-motivation to achieve goals
The Socially Aware Leader
• Understanding and empathising with others
• Building rapport with a broad range of people
• Managing and engaging emotions within your team
• Leadership strategies for developing more Emotionally Intelligent teams
Building and Managing Relationships
• Why relationships succeed or fail
• Building and managing internal and external relationships
• Communicating with and influencing others for enhanced results
• Managing conflicts with others
• Developing others using emotional coaching
Action Planning
• Developing a personal action plan to support your return to the workplace